“eLife crosses landmark 400,000 customers”, reveals Etisalat at Broadband MENA 2012 Conference

“eLife crosses landmark 400,000 customers”, reveals Etisalat at Broadband MENA 2012 ConferenceEtisalat today announced crossing 400,000 subscriptions for eLife, its flagship multiple play service covering landline, broadband Internet and TV. Speaking at the Broadband MEA 2012 Conference, Matthew Willsher, Chief Marketing Officer at Etisalat declared this milestone number represents the highest penetration in the Gulf region. The service is currently the UAE’s most subscribed fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) service.

Earlier this year, research conducted by FTTH Council Europe ranked the UAE second globally in terms of deployment of fiber optic, ahead of all the major developed economies.

“Reaching this key customer milestone is a validation of eLife’s status as the UAE’s favorite home solution for multiple play services”, said Matthew Willsher. “Since its inception over two years ago, eLife has enabled customers across the Emirates to optimize the benefits of FTTH through high value packages and high broadband speeds. Going forward, we plan to offer more value add-ons and flexible features that allow customers to get the best deals at no extra cost.”

On customer experience, he added, “Beyond product improvements, our continued enhancements of staff knowledge and customer handling methods is resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction.”

The eLife double and triple play bundles come with some distinct advantages, including lower prices when compared to individual subscriptions for Landline, Internet and TV. The single point billing is easier to manage and the fastest home fixed broadband speed at 30 Mbps speed makes it easy for customers to enjoy rich and varied content without long waits. Etisalat has also recently launched the 5-5-5 promotion, wherein subscribers can get up to five months discounted rental, 50 minutes of international direct dialing and up to 5000 MORE loyalty points that can be used for other products and benefits from Etisalat.

Etisalat offers eLife TV as a part of its triple play offering. A leading source of regional entertainment in the UAE, eLife TV offers more than 350 TV channels in 21 languages. With a wide variety of content ranging from sports to movies, documentaries to music, as well as channels for kids, eLife TV also features more than 40 high definition channels.

Willsher added, “In the entertainment space within the UAE, Etisalat have been leading the industry for over 11 years by offering its customers rich and varied TV content. Our new eLife TV and video services now make TV viewing experience more fun-filled and more interactive with wider choice of channels and features. We’re adding the UAE’s first 24/7 ‘High TV 3D’ entertainment channel, among other new channels. We have also launched a more appealing new friendly user interface with added features such as the picture-in-picture view while flipping through channels. Our On Demand movie library is getting bigger and offers new promotional movies every Monday. We have also rolled out new home-devices such as a new Universal remote control, an LG Smart TV Upgrader, an eLife Internet Radio and an Etisalat Wi-Fi repeater that enhances Wi-Fi signals in the house.”