“It’s an event, actually it’s a series of events, but not as you know it”

Tomi Ahonen launches world's first all-star mobile event: Mobilista Rock Stars for Hong Kong, London and NYTomi T Ahonen introduces world’s first ‘all-stars’ expert conference on mobile under the theme of the “Rockstars of the mobile industry”.  The unprecedented series of events will feature 32 of the uppermost experts in digital, who have cumulatively published over 60 books for this young industry.  “Mobilista Rockstars” will run over an entire week across 3 continents with 2-day events in Hong Kong, London and New York, from 7 to 11 October 2013.  Each of the invited speakers, who were delivering keynote-level presentations to the industry long before Apple’s iPhone ignited the interests of the experts in the tech and media industries to join mobile, are today still regarded as the foremost expert of his or her given field of specialisation.

Imagine having spoken at and attended over 300 conferences in over 60 countries on all 6 inhabited continents.  Whether you’re a conference enthusiast or not, you can appreciate the undertaking involved.  But not only that: Imagine the range of presentations, panels and speakers that you would have experienced, listened to and vitally gauged.

Tomi T Ahonen, the man that Forbes measured as “the world’s most influential expert in mobile” in 2012, has done just that.  In conference terms he’s been there, witnessed and learned from it all.  In his personal public speaking appearances at over 300 conferences in over 60 countries, Tomi has seen more than 1,000 of the world’s major speakers in mobile deliver more than 3,000 presentations, often at events that Tomi has chaired.

That’s why for Tomi’s next project he has decided to turn the tables.  In fact, he doesn’t intend to just turn them, he plans to turn, rock and then rearrange the contents.  Over the course of a working week in early October, plans for the mobile conference equivalent of a Global Mobile Woodstock festival are in motion – and by all accounts those plans are sensational.  Tomi is looking to achieve something that no commercial conference entity would even consider.  It’s called “Mobilista Rockstars”, and here’s just a brief glimpse of the project:

•    Over the course of 5 days, 3 conferences (each lasting 2 days) will take place in 3 different cities (Hong Kong, London and New York) on 3 different continents.

•    The speakers at these events are the 32 presenters that have most impressed Tomi at all the different events he has ever attended.  He describes them as a list of “the best of the best”, “truly mobile rockstars” and “people that when they present I sit, listen and appreciate”.

•    8 of those 32 speakers will present on the first days of each of the 3 events in Hong Kong, London and New York.

•    The 32 “Rockstars”:

–    Have a cumulative industry competence of over 475 years and have been seen by audiences in over 2,000 conferences across 120 countries on all 6 inhabited continents
–    Are authors of over 60 books to their names, and over 3,000 press mentions
–    Include founders and current or past executives of numerous global industry bodies for mobile and the digital tech industries including the MMA, MOMO, MEF, WIP, OMA, DAA, DEF, LBMA, IAB and WSA

•    In another unusual move, every single attendee is given the opportunity to reduce the cost of their attendance by promoting the event and receiving a refund for each delegate that they attract.

Mobilista Rockstars has been officially launched today, exactly two months before the event kicks off in Hong Kong.  Here’s what Mr Ahonen had to say:

“The speakers on the tour are the people that I quote in my books.  The ones I retweet; the authors I mention in my presentations.  When I started to see if they were interested in getting involved in Mobilista Rockstars I was taken aback by the response to the concept.  I’m honoured that the people I consider to be my personal gurus have all agreed to contribute.

And you know what I’m really looking forward to?  Going to all three events and not listening to a single corporate pitch.  The presentations are going to be independent perspectives, from true thought-leaders; formed from years of exposure to the expansion of digital and how mobile has swelled within it.

Whereas past digital industry conferences have had a mixed line-up of speakers, ranging from corporate heads of major companies to middle-managers to entrepreneurs of young companies, this is the first time that 32 true ‘gurus’ of mobile have been collected in one event series.”

Some of the celebrated superstars of the mobile industry who are among the confirmed speakers (in alphabetical order) include:

•    Tomi T Ahonen, author, CEO of TomiAhonen Consulting; ex Nokia, ex Elisa, from Hong Kong
•    Daniel Appelquist, author, Open Web Advocate at Telefonica; ex Vodafone, from the UK
•    Michael Becker, author, Strategic Advisor at SOMO; ex MMA, ex iLoop, from the USA
•    Tony Fish, author, Founder of iNeed; from the UK
•    Caroline Lewko, author, CEO of WIP; ex Accenture, from Canada
•    Jonathan MacDonald, author, Co-Founder of This Fluid World; ex Ministry of Sound, from the UK
•    Osama Manzar, author, Founder of DEF; ex journalist at Computerworld, from India
•    Michael O’Farrell, author, Founder ofThe Mobile Institute; from Canada
•    Dr Madanmohan Rao, author, Research Advisor at AMICC; ex United Nations, from India
•    Peggy Anne Salz, author, CEO of Mobile Groove; from Germany
•    Gary Schwartz, author, CEO of Impact Mobile; from Canada
•    Chetan Sharma, author, President of Chetan Sharma Consulting; from the USA

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