Amazonas 5 satellite of HISPASAT launched

HISPASAT launched its new communications satellite, the Amazonas 5, from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

The launch vehicle responsible for placing the Amazonas 5 satellite into its transfer orbit will be the Proton Breeze M from ILS. From there, the satellite will move towards the geostationary orbit where the established tests will be carried out for a few weeks to make sure it is working properly after the launch. Once complete, the satellite will be placed in its definitive orbital position.

The Amazonas 5 was manufactured by Space Systems Loral and has noteworthy participation from the Spanish aerospace industry. HISPAMAR, HISPASAT’s Brazilian company, will be in charge of its operation.

With its 24 transponders in the Ku band and 34 spots in the Ka band, the new HISPASAT satellite will expand HISPASAT’s offering of communication services to the Latin American market during its 15 years of useful life.