Angolan Satellite Communications Industry Improves Quality Of Service With GVF VSAT Installer Certification Program

Luanda-based Sistec technicians have become the first Angolan satellite professionals to complete a Hands on Skills Test (HOST) delivered by the Global VSAT Forum (GVF). The test, administered by GVF Master Examiner, Onno Beemsterboer, follows delivery of GVF’s Portuguese-language online training to 10 members of the Sistec team.

The Angolan satellite communications industry has begun taking quality of service to the next level, with the recent Certification by the Global VSAT Forum (GVF) of a group of Sistec engineers. Following delivery of GVF’s Portuguese-language online training to 10 members of the Sistec team, Hands on Skills Tests (HOSTs) were recently administered by GVF Master Examiner, Onno Beemsterboer.

“The Hands On Skills Test is an important step for building confidence in real-life situations for students of the GVF online course,” commented Onno Beemsterboer, GVF Master Examiner. “The students all performed really well and it was fantastic to be able to bring this program to a new region.”

“The GVF HOST training was a really positive experience for us,” commented Adão Anastácio António, Technical Team Manager, Sistec’s Systems Division. “The method of teaching was fantastic, and being able to experience in the field the situations discussed during the lessons has helped us improve the way we deal with VSAT.”

The GVF HOST verifies the student’s ability to use the core skills taught in GVF’s online course (GVF510) in a hands-on environment. It includes assembling a typical VSAT, pre-setting pol and elevation angles, finding a designated satellite, as well as accurately setting linear polarization, amongst other key skills.

Upon completion of the HOST, which took place over four days, all of the students received the Basic and Advanced GVF certification.

GVF HOST is part of its award-winning VSAT Installation Certification training program, and is supported by GVF Examiners and Regional Training Centers located in every major region of the world.