Apica’s CEO Sven Hammar new Member of the Board of EuroCloud Sweden

Apica’s CEO Sven Hammar new Member of the Board of EuroCloud Sweden   Sven Hammar, CEO of Apica, a leading performance testing and monitoring provider for cloud, web, and mobile applications, has been elected to the board of EuroCloud Sweden, a trade association for cloud computing companies.

Sven Hammar is founder and CEO of Apica, a provider of load testing and performance monitoring for cloud and mobile applications. Apica has 40 employees in Sweden, USA, Switzerland and the UK, and is one of Europe’s fastest growing technology companies (Deloitte’s ”Fast 500” list).

Mr. Hammar is a serial entrepreneur who has founded several successful IT companies over the years, e.g. the security company Celo Communications which grew to over 70 employees before French smart card giant Gemplus acquired it in 2000. He founded Apica in 2005.

EuroCloud Sweden is part of EuroCloud, an association for cloud computing companies in 30 European countries with an objective to be an accelerator of business, technological relationships and application integration for the cloud industry in Europe.

Apica provides the most effective technology for optimizing the performance of cloud and mobile applications. Apica offers companies and developers alike easy-to-use, cloud-based load testing and web performance monitoring tools to test web sites and applications for maximum capacity, daily performance, improved load times, and protection from peak loads.

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