Apple and other top companies sued in camera related patents (US)

Imperium Holdings has filed a lawsuit against Apple, LG, RIM, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Kyocera, claiming that they all have infringed five patents related to the cameras and imaging equipment found in phones and other mobile devices.

The patents in question are US Patent Numbers 6271884, 6838651, 6838715, 7,109,535 and 7064768, all of which relate to pixel and imager technology for smartphones and other devices. Apple’s iPhone is named as one of the infringing products.

The five patents deal in:

Patent 6,271,884: Image flicker reduction with fluorescent lighting.

Patent 6,838,651: High sensitivity snap shot CMOS image sensor.

Patent 6,838,715: CMOS image sensor arrangement with reduced pixel light shadowing.
Patent 7,064,768: Bad pixel correction while preserving features.
Patent 7,109,535: Semiconductor device for isolating a photodiode to reduce junction leakage.

As per reports, the mix of patents are actually owned by two different companies: 6,271,884 deals with image flicker reduction, owned by Conexant System of Newport Beach while the other four have the assignee listed as ESS Technology, based in Fremont, California.

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