Apple supplier accused of labor violations

Working conditions at Apple’s Chinese suppliers are back on the agenda, with China Labor Watch issuing a report alleging labor violations at Pegatron Group.
The report also appears to confirm the long-rumored existence of a low-cost plastic iPhone model.
China Labor Watch said an investigation into Apple manufacturing partner Pegatron uncovered evidence of 86 labor rights violations.
Allegations include poor living conditions, low pay forcing workers into long overtime hours, and exploitation of underage and student workers.
A pregnant woman was found to be working long overtime hours, despite Chinese laws mandating an eight-hour work day for expecting mothers.
The report accuses Pegatron of violating Apple’s social responsibility promises, including those related to worker safety and environmental responsibility.
In a statement, China Labor Watch executive director Li Qiang said the investigations show “that labor conditions at Pegatron factories are even worse than those at Foxconn factories.”
Li was referring to the high-profile controversy over conditions at Hon Hai subsidiary Foxconn, which drew international attention following a spate of worker suicides. A report into conditions at the time likened its plants to concentration camps. Apple and Foxconn subsequently agreed to implement a raft of reforms.
In a response sent to the Wall Street Journal, Apple said it routinely audits Pegatron facilities to gage working conditions, and has been working closely with China Labor Watch to address the issues they have raised.