Ayaadi recognizes first round winners of “Together We Read” competition

Etisalat’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative Ayaadi, announced the names of the first round winners of “Together We Read” competition organized by Ayaadi in collaboration with the UAE Ministry of Education. The competition will see three winners every week and will run for a period of four weeks in total.

Ayaadi gave out prizes to each of the three winners from the first week, including Sheikha Ali Mohammed Hassan Abdullah Al Yamahi from Al Bahar Primary School – in the first level category, Hamdan Ali Suleiman Al Atheli from Brerat School – in the second level category, and  Ayat Ahmed Abid Rabu Abu Jiab from Al Roya Al Khasa School – in third level category. The winners were presented with iPads for their winning entries.

Students participate in “Together We Read” competition by reading books and answering questions related to them. The questions in the competition are posted on the e-library website every week. The first week saw students across the country and from different educational levels participate in the competition.

“Together We Read” competition aims at encouraging students to read and engage in self-learning, while using their free time for productive activities for expanding their knowledge. The competition results are announced on a weekly basis.

Speaking on the benefits of the competition, Amal Al Koos, Director Etisalat Foundation, Ayaadi said: “Through this competition, we aim to develop students’ skills and encourage them to read continuously to enhance their knowledge. Through Ayaadi, we are keen to support students at all educational levels in order to build an educated generation that can integrate with the global community and achieve their goals in a competitive environment.”

Ayaadi, launched in 2011 by Etisalat, is the platform for a national social project that seeks to achieve significant objectives. Its strategic objectives are oriented towards achieving sustainable growth for the UAE community through provision of technology solutions in the education sector and other social sectors. This initiative also seeks to raise awareness among individuals and institutions on various socially relevant issues, and encourages them to contribute to voluntary work in line with their experience.