Batelco launches SMS chat

Batelco, the leading telecom services provider in Bahrain, has introduced SMS Chat which gives mobile customers the facility to engage in text ‘conversation’ with groups of selected people.

With SMS Chat, Batelco’s customers can send a text message to a group of selected people with a single text and any of the people in the group can reply to all with a single text message.

Customers can create as many as 50 groups, to make keeping in touch with friends and family even easier. Each group can include up to five people and customers may choose any names they like for their groups.

With SMS Chat there are no monthly charges or registration charges and each SMS is priced at 50 fils ($0.13) regardless of the number of people included in the group, a statement said.

All messages are shared among the added mobile numbers and in turn they can reply back, with the message going to the entire group. It is also possible to add new friends to an existing group by sending ADD followed by the mobile number(s) one wants to add to any existing group.

“Text messaging is one of the most popular means of communication especially with young people. We hope that our new services will suit their requirements perfectly,” said Batelco Group general manager media relations Ahmed Al Janahi

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