Du demonstrates carrier capabilities with launch of voice hubbing service

Demonstrating the company’s unique capability in the region to aggregate large volumes of traffic to key destinations, Du today announced the launch of its voice hubbing service which is aimed at Middle East and Asian Voice Carriers wishing to transit the United Arab Emirates. The service leverages voice bilateral agreements established by Du with over 100 major global carriers.

“At present Du is handling approximately four billion minutes of international traffic annually. Such volumes provide us with a very strong base on which to negotiate better termination rates on behalf of our Middle East and Asian Carrier Partners wishing to outsource their voice interconnection,” commented Farid Faraidooni, Chief Commercial Officer, Du.

Du’s voice hubbing service is supported by a newly commissioned IT platform delivering state-of-the-art wholesale billing and a minimal cost, fully automated routing system. Carrier Partners choosing to join the Du voice hub will be assured guaranteed traffic continuity over premium direct routes. Combined with Du’s flexible service support, 24/7 monitoring capabilities and a dedicated International Carrier Relations Account Team, the Du voice hubbing service will quickly become a major gateway for traffic in and out of the region.

Other benefits of the service include cost savings, limited capital expenditure and increased freedom enabling Carrier Partners to concentrate on their core business. Du is offering high end customer support for worldwide traffic conveyance to the Partner’s designated country based on Least Cost Routing. Du also has an excellent track record in the hubbing business with key operators in the Middle East and has established strong partnerships with the major global voice carriers, as well as reliable transmission providers offering superior call completion rates and exceptional quality.

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