du Holds First Of Its Kind Telecom Fraud Management Awareness Workshop in UAE

du Holds First Of Its Kind Telecom Fraud Management Awareness Workshop in UAEWorkshop attended by senior executives from Law Enforcement Agencies in UAE
du’s Technology Security Risk and Fraud Management team recently organised a fraud management awareness workshop, the first of its kind, which was attended by senior executives from Law Enforcement Agencies.

The workshop intended to familiarise the attendees about the various forms of fraud in telecommunications, while strengthening the working relationship with the agencies to enhance the fraud and risk management framework. The intention of this is to mitigate fraud-related risks, thereby keeping customers more aware and safe.

Marwan Abdulla Bin Dalmook, Senior Vice President – Technology Security & Risk Management, du, supervised the event, with Ibrahim Hamza Al Mallouhi, Vice President – Security Operations, du, providing a keynote address.

Bin Dalmook said: “Managing and mitigating fraud and risk through telecommunications is the responsibility of all. By working more closely with premier Law Enforcement organizations, and by educating our customers, we aim to better prepare the UAE community to be more aware of potential risks, and therefore be more secure. We encourage all of our customers to be alert and to report suspicious phone calls, SMS and so on to ourselves, or to the authorities, who can deal with it appropriately.”

In an attempt to create awareness amongst customers, du regularly sends SMSs to inform them of the possibility of fraud risks.

During his address, Al Mallouhi emphasized on du’s advanced capabilities in mitigation and liability waiving of telecommunication fraud, as a managed security service delivered to Enterprise Customers and SMEs.

On an average, it is estimated that the global telecom industry loses between $72-80 billion due to fraud-related activities, with all telecom providers and customers exposed to some form of fraud – such as subscription fraud, international revenue share fraud, credit card fraud or private automatic branch exchange (PABX) hacking.

du was recently awarded with the ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Certification, for its Managed Security Services (MSS), which are offered to the company’s Enterprise and Small Business customers. du recently announced an enhanced next generation Managed Security Services portfolio by introducing range of cloud-based security solutions. These enhanced solutions can detect the ever-growing number of complex protocols used in DDoS attacks, as well as having the capability to handle higher capacity attacks.

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