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Etisalat boosts Mobile Communications

Etisalat’s Group Chief Operating Officer, Eng. Ahmed Abdulkarim Julfar, told attendees at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit panel discussion that the spread of mobile communications has changed world’s market by increasing opportunities and upward mobility, especially in emerging economies.

Providing his expertise on ‘Upward mobility’ and its socio-political impact, Julfar highlighted during the panel discussion, “Mobile communications have played a big role in enabling people world over to use social and disruptive media in extending their reach and communicating more effectively, anytime, anywhere”.

Mobile telephony has replaced fixed-line telephony and similarly, mobile social networking has become a de facto communication standard of the new digitalized era. Julfar added, “Social media is not restricted to the western world and has become a global phenomenon. Etisalat has entered into agreements with partners and introduced SMS-Facebook in most of its international markets for customers who do not own smart phones, thereby boosting the impact of this transformative form of communication and bringing it to the masses.”

He highlighted the positive impact of social media across the spectrum, such as the increased consumption of electronic books, managing and sharing of portfolios or travel-planning. “Consumers can even access e-learning materials and other electronic entertainment or business applications more frequently, Julfar said.

During the panel discussion, on importance of broadband Internet and the current state in the UAE market, Julfar responded, “Broadband Infrastructure is the number one enabler for broadband Internet connections. Etisalat has heavily invested in deploying the most advanced broadband infrastructures, both fixed and mobile, in the UAE as well as international markets. In the UAE, we are extending the advanced fiber-to-the-home network to each and every home and once completed, UAE will be positioned as the first nation in the world to be 100% fiber-connected which will allow more people to benefit from the high speeds in downloading and using  various contents applications easily.

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