Etisalat kicks off annual summer training program

Program to bring together 100 trainees from across the country for comprehensive training in business and industry skills

Continuing its ongoing commitment to development of national talent and provision of learning opportunities to staff, Etisalat kicked off its annual summer training program that will bring together 100 UAE national trainees from all areas of the country. The program, which lasts for two months, enables young Emiratis to serve the country by developing their technical and administrative skills and providing them a hands-on training experience.

Commenting on the launch of the 2012 summer training program, Younis Abdul Aziz Al Nimr, Chief Human Resources Officer at Etisalat, stated that the program supports Etisalat’s objective of providing a variety of training and qualifying programs to UAE youth to help develop their skills and enable them to better serve their organizations and their communities.

Al Nimr said: “Training and qualifying programs conducted by Etisalat comes from its enduring belief that in order to achieve the ultimate goal of any strategy it is most critical to allow your resources to gain practicable insights into their working environment.  As part of this summer training program, we are able to attract national talent from different professional and community backgrounds. Our trainees come from a broad range of schools, including from Khalifa University at the federal level and from various applied technology institutes at the local level. So far, our trainees have been very positive about their learning from the program and its contribution in developing them as professionals.”

Al Nimr added that the program prepared by Etisalat enables the trainees to experience actual engagement within the fields they intend to join. He pointed out that Etisalat has decided to give trainees incentives to encourage them to attend and participate actively in the program.

He also indicated the importance of the training program’s role in introducing students to the range of services provided by Etisalat, and to keep them informed about the development that the organization aims to achieve over the coming years. This allows them to get information about the modern techniques in ICT, marketing, sales and corporate communication, which will in turn develop their confidence and prepare them to better contribute to their future organizations.