Al Ain

Etisalat participates in Al Ain Education and Career Fair 2012; demonstrates efforts in training National employees

Starting today till 2 May, Etisalat will demonstrate its efforts in training National employees through participation in the 4th edition of the Al Ain Education & Career Fair, held at the Al Khabisi Wedding Celebration Hall.

In his interaction with visiting candidates, Younis Abdul Aziz Al Nimr, Chief Human Resources Officer at Etisalat emphasized on Etisalat’s efforts in successfully aligning with the UAE government’s policies that call for support to boost the National talent pool. Etisalat has taken several initiatives to train and equip the UAE Nationals with tools that can help them excel at work and in their careers.

Al Nimr added, “Etisalat Academy, which was founded in 2000, has created the right environment that reflects Etisalat’s strategy in training and providing opportunities to Nationals. Today, it has become a leading center in the region for career training in business, leadership skills, and development in governmental roles and in ICT sectors. More than 76,000 Nationals have graduated from the Academy, of which 3,170 work at Etisalat and the balance work in different sectors in the country.”

Younis Al Nimr also said that as a result of Etisalat’s efforts, the nationalization percentage in the Corporation has reached 39% of its total workforce, amounting to nearly 3000 employees. Of this percentage, female employees represent 70%. The Nationals also constitute 90% of top management members.

Al Nimr attributed the high number of National workforce to the Corporation’s strategy in focusing on training its employees to help them gain necessary skills and experiences that allow them to work efficiently.

He also highlighted Etisalat’s efforts beyond the Etisalat Academy. The Corporation has adopted a scholarship approach that has been instrumental in helping employees learn the latest programs in the ICT sector, considered one of the most dynamic and evolving sectors. “Etisalat has signed several partnerships with the world’s best specialized institutes and colleges for its employees to study in. Etisalat has provided a number of its employees the opportunity to participate in the Future leadership program that specializes in training Nationals for senior positions in the Corporation”, he added.

“Furthermore, Etisalat has provided a number of its employees the opportunity to join Reyada program for leadership skills development in line with its ongoing commitment towards developing the leadership skills of its employees and investing in their skills and expertise on a long-term basis”, he said.

Reyada is a dedicated program which allows UAE Nationals to be trained in different countries including the UAE, China, Spain, Germany and Sweden. It is a comprehensive program that provides great know-how in various global technologies. The training period involves theoretic and practical programs during which participants can gain on-the-job experience in international corporations and establish strategic partnerships with Etisalat.