Etisalat Participates in Careers UAE 2011 Exhibition

Al Sawaleh: Emiratisation is a priority; More Than 70 Emiratis effectively oversee and manage corporation’s international investments

During the corporation’s participation in the ‘Careers UAE’ exhibition in Dubai, Etisalat showcased its achievements in recruiting UAE Nationals, and the incentives offered to Emiratis who work for the organisation.

Through its participation, Etisalat aims to increase public awareness of the corporation’s Emiratisation strategy and the strategies it adopts to train and develop its staff members, while highlighting the role it plays in qualifying the country’s national workforce in preparation for leadership roles in the organisation.

“We believe our participation in recruitment shows across the UAE is a great platform for attracting new talent, including graduates who are keen to take up the opportunity to play a part in the development of the country. At Etisalat, we are regularly communicating information about our vacancies and training opportunities that we offer our employees, with particular focus on UAE Nationals,” said Abdulaziz Al Sawaleh, Group Chief Human Resource Officer, Etisalat.

Al Sawaleh stated that opportunities allowing employees to work in Etisalat subsidiaries outside of the UAE are also available, as the corporation develops employees’ skills and provides them with the necessary training in line with the highest international standards. He mentioned that Etisalat is proud that more than 70 Emiratis now manage its operations in 18 countries across Asia and Africa, where 135 million customers are serviced.

“Etisalat is one of the leading corporations in the UAE when it comes to Emiratisation. UAE Nationals now make up 36 per cent of total workforce, while 95 per cent of executive management positions are filled by Emiratis. This is due to Etisalat’s Emiratisation strategy which was implemented years ago. The strategy is in line with the wise leadership of the UAE which emphasises the importance of providing opportunities for UAE nationals to participate in the country’s ongoing achievements,” Al Sawaleh concluded.

Etisalat not only recruits national employees but also provides them with the latest training programmes and courses, once they have joined. Etisalat trains about 6,000 employees annually through Etisalat Academy or external training courses in addition to workshops inside and outside the country.

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