Huawei Announces Honor 6 Plus Smartphone and other flagship devices at Global Anniversary Event

Huawei Announces Honor 6 Plus Smartphone and other flagship devices at Global Anniversary EventAt a launch event in Beijing celebrating the Huawei Honor’s first anniversary, Huawei launched the newest additions to its flagship device line-up, showcasing the Honor 6 Plus Smartphone alongside the Spree 4X smartphone and its Honor TV Box.

‘Honor’ was first showcased as a new line of devices from Huawei last year and has since experienced impressive sales results, which were presented to hundreds of foreign and domestic media organizations at its anniversary event in Beijing, China. The past year saw phenomenal growth within the Honor category, with unit sales of over 20m and a sales revenue of US$3bn, representing a nearly thirty-fold increase.

The Honor 6 Plus features a cutting-edge dual 8 MP rear camera set to revolutionize smartphone photography. The Spree 4X, is high-end Honor handset, which boasts the new 64-bit Kirin processor and supports a wide range of network spectrums worldwide. The Honor TV Box provides consumers with 4K Ultra HD clarity.

Jeff Liu, president of Huawei Honor said that this was just the first step: “In the future, Honor hopes to cater to different consumer demands and seek partnerships with like-minded companies. We seek to construct honor circle. Our 2015 target is to achieve 40 million units shipment and 5 billion dollars in revenue; and in 2016, Huawei Honor will sprint 10 billion dollars in revenue.”

The Honor brand was established on December 16, 2013 and has achieved unit sales of 20m in the space of just one year. In 2014, on average, the brand sold 38 units every minute or 1 unit every 1.5 second. Moreover, sales rocketed from US$100m to US$3bn over this period. This is 100 times the 2014 industry growth figure in China.

As it approaching the end of its first successful year, Huawei Honor made its latest impact by releasing the Honor 6 Plus in honor of its Anniversary. The Honor 6 Plus is unrivaled for its revolutionary breakthrough in developing the dual rear cameras. The dual-camera with dual 8 mega pixel, along with Huawei’s dedicated triple IE algorithm engine, deliver a single-lens reflex grade capture experience for users, bringing a camera revolution to smartphones by enabling users to see the world through dual cameras.

The Honor 6 Plus uses the Kirin 925 octa-core chipset and provides 4G LTE CAT6 connectivity with a download speed of up to 300 Mbps that is the fastest in the industry. The premium edition supports dual SIM cards (4G cards issued by China Mobile and China Unicom). It provides a dual-channel ultra-large RAM with the 3 GB LPDDR3 module, a CPU frequency of 800 MHz, a 16 GB/32 GB ROM with the eMMC 5.0 module, and a microSD card support of up to 128 GB.

It also sports a 5.5-inch 1080p JDI negative liquid crystal screen, a 3600 mAh battery, SmartPower 2.5, SmartControl 2.5, simple but elegant operating system, EMUI 3.0, as well as new features including the Honor Wallet and geo-fence. As many as 7 million free Wi-Fi hotspots inside and outside China are available on the Honor 6 Plus. All of the preceding specifications are designed to bring a revolutionary flagship smartphone experience for consumers.

The smartphone also showcases Honor Wallet, which is a life assistant for users. The Honor Wallet cooperates with banks and supports payments in 1 second for stores where the Quickpass service is available. Using the ESE solution and based on the in-depth interaction with banks, the Honor Wallet provides a secure financial payment environment. Multiple online payment methods and the mainstream platforms in the industry are supported. Honor users are entitled with many exclusive discount services.

The release of the Honor 6 Plus marks the beginning of the competition between Honor products and Samsung and Apple products in the global market. With its innovative breakthroughs of the Honor 6 Plus in camera and applications outperform Apple and Samsung smartphones and bring the optimal experience that is “Not Just Bigger”.

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