Huawei Debuts Latest OceanStor 18000 to Power Up Large Businesses on Digital Frontier

Huawei Debuts Latest OceanStor 18000 to Power Up Large Businesses on Digital FrontierICT company unveils Smarter Storage technology to enable businesses with faster go-to-market strategies


Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, has revealed new plans to help organizations across the Middle East meet rising demands for a more secure and flexible data storage solution for mission-critical assets. Central to the roadmap is the release of a new high-end storage suite—the OceanStor 18000 Storage System—offering governments and large size businesses unprecedented advantages in storage performance, scalability, and cost.


During the company’s annual Middle East Huawei Partner Summit held recently in Dubai, Huawei noted that in recent years the recognition for smarter and innovative storage technologies have been emerging within the region, to provide a storage platform for new-generation data centers that will drive greater system performance and exponentially faster recovery time for business operations.


“Huge amounts of data generated today have forced CIOs to rethink ways to invest that will enable their business a much faster time-to-market,” comments Mehdi Ziane, Senior IT Solutions Manager, Huawei UAE. “Not only do businesses want to stay ahead but they also understand that losing data, critical to their business, whether there be a natural disaster or a power outage, can potentially bring millions of dollars loss to a company. Through the use of high-end storage technology like OceanStor 18000, businesses have the reassurance of greater protection over securing their data, more guaranteed levels of availability at 99.9999%, with a powerful recovery time where downtime is just 50 seconds per year.”


Many organizations’ IT departments are looking for ways to cope with the size, variety and types of data that exist today. From videos, audio, call details, bank transactions to medical records, a storage platform like the Storage 18000 Series will be able to accommodate the increasingly complex layers of emerging technologies that businesses are adopting to service current and future business demands. Based on a virtualization, hybrid cloud and even more simplified management architecture, OceanStor18000 delivers a performance that ensures a company’s network runs at its optimum and seamlessly.


Ziane added: “Current business demands will also inevitably change tomorrow which is why it is important to provide a solution that allows them greater levels of flexibility. Through scaling, down, back, in and out, ensuring your storage platform is scalable in multiple directions is instrumental in successfully managing data.”


The Huawei OceanStor 18000 series has already been honored by industry leaders including Frost & Sullivan, who gave accolade to the solution for New Product Innovation Leadership Award 2013, in recognition of Huawei’s ongoing efforts in the innovation of enterprise storage technologies and products.


Within the Middle East, Huawei has worked on a wide variety of enterprise storage projects over the past three years. This has included working with one of Saudi Arabia’s national telecom operators to prove a high-end storage solution that allows data to be managed centrally with significantly larger storage capabilities. Huawei has also recently partnered with a prominent engineering firm in Kuwait to provide a storage solution to enable their CCTV systems for physical security monitoring.


Across the globe Huawei provides enterprise storage solutions to over 2,000 customers in over 80 nations.


Huawei’s new OceanStor 18000 Storage System delivers the industry’s highest storage specifications and is designed especially for enterprise-level data centers and mission- critical business assets. Its highlights include a storage–dedicated operating system, Smart Matrix architecture, fully virtualized intelligent volumes, Smart series resource management software, and a Hyper series data protection software. These software suites ultimately boost an organization’s system resource utilization, allows IT managers to intelligently prioritize mission-critical services, and ensure a 24/7 service availability.-

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