Huawei highlights how more agile business services will build a better connected nation in KSA

Huawei highlights how more agile business services will build a better connected nation in KSAWith KSA heading further into a new digital industrial era, Huawei, a global ICT solutions provider, connected with KSA CIOs and business leaders today to showcase how Cloud and Software Defined Networking (SDN)-enabled solutions can help KSA be part of a better connected world.

In its ongoing effort to demonstrate the business impact of emerging technologies,   the ICT vendor hosted the ‘Huawei Day’, which took place at the Four Seasons in Riyadh. Huawei connected with the industry leaders to explain how the cloud and the move towards a more agile network will offer local businesses and the government the opportunity to achieve operational excellence through more agile service innovation.

According to Huawei, amongst the primary drivers for SDN adoption today is the need of businesses to support virtualization of IT applications, the ability to deliver new applications across the network, and increased speed for provisioning application workloads on the network. To that end, Technology research and advisory firm, Gartner, recently predicted that worldwide public cloud services will witness a compound annual growth rate of 17.1% by 2018 with a predicted $4.7billion being spend in the MENA region.

“In recent years, Saudi Arabia has undertaken a rapid development of its ICT industry. Today, the IT market within the kingdom is one of the largest in the Middle East and is undergoing changes that will impact nearly all sectors of the economy” says Tony Shi, General Manager, Enterprise Business, KSA. “Huawei aims to empower businesses in the Kingdom and aims for them to be more agile by utilizing cloud-based and virtualized networking solutions.

Huawei recently deployed the Cloud Virtual Desktop (VDI) solution in labs across 35 of TVTC’s training colleges, building an infrastructure that makes it easier for the IT team to manage and maintain centralized Virtual desktop platform using a single user interface. The solution has been able to create seamless integration with college applications and help reduce the level of energy consumption by 80%; that has ultimately saved on costs thanks to less need for hardware deployment.

Students attending TVTC classes are now able to learn from anywhere in the country on almost any smart device or computer. No longer will physical distance or other obstacles create hurdles for students that may live in rural areas or be unable to reach their local campus.

In addition to validating the business benefit of its cloud and virtualized solutions, Huawei also demonstrated its Software Defined Networking capabilities by showcasing its Agile Network solutions

Huawei maintains that as an organization’s network grows, CIOs need to pay closer attention to how to better accommodate the inevitable challenges to ensure that there is uninterrupted business in times of transition.

Huawei’s Agile Networking solutions are ready to accommodate the future mode of Software-Defined-Networking (SDN) that allows networks to be easily built and programmed for businesses to make faster decisions on a software-based infrastructure that is more flexible than ever before.

Since its global rollout in 2013, Huawei’s Agile Network has been deployed by over 200 partners in the fields of government, finance, healthcare, education and more. The latest unveiling of the Agile Controller—which forms part of the wider Huawei Agile Network solution—enables organizations to benefit from more orchestrated, real-time connections between their services and their IT network.

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