Huawei launches programmable 2T WDM prototype

Huawei has released the industry’s programmable 2T WDM prototype. The prototype increases the maximum data rate by twenty-fold, from 100Gbps to 2Tbps per-channel, and expands the fibre capacity to 56Tbps by utilising both the C and L band’s wavelengths. By implementing intelligent digital signal processing and adaptive-SD FEC technologies, the Huawei prototype improves spectrum efficiency and increases the maximum transmission capacity. Along with G.652 fibre and common EDFAs, the 2T signals with 300GHz spectral width can transmit over a distance of 1,000km without electrical regeneration. The prototype also uses flex transceiver technology, a part of the software-defined OTN developed by Huawei that enables a programmable network controller to configure parameters such as the number of subcarriers, subcarrier spacing, modulation codes and FEC modes, achieving adjustments in areas including line rates, transmission distances and transmission capacity.