Injazat and Zayed University sign MOU

Injazat Data Systems and the UAE’s Zayed University have signed a memorandum of understanding to co-operate on educational, research and professional development.

The MOU will see the two organisations work closely together in a range of activities. Injazat will provide internships, research opportunities and site visits to Injazat facilites. Injazat staff will also deliver lectures, seminars and other learning activities at Zayed University, and participate in its career fairs.

Zayed University’s Institute for Community Engagement will provide continuous education opportunities to Injazat personnel.

“Injazat looks to the UAE’s youths as its future talent and partners, which is why it pursues collaborative agreements with some of the country’s top educational institutions. Our MoU with Zayed University will enable us to participate in the IT literacy of students, provide mutual employment and professional growth opportunities, and accelerate the growth of local research and technological development,” said Ibrahim Lari, managing director, Injazat.

Dr Sulaiman Al Jassim, vice president of Zayed University said: “Zayed University is committed to continuously upgrade its academic, scientific, and technical programs. We aim to equip the new generation with advanced technological skills and to be highly capable of analyzing current problems and providing effective solutions.”

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