Invision” enriches viewership with a variety of packages offering religious programs and documentaries

STC introduced a variety of packages that offer its customers religious and informative programs, including documentaries and family shows. The packages, available exclusively through STC’s interactive TV service “Invision”, present quality, rich and educational content for inquisitive minds.

The popular Invision service has introduced these packages in conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan, in an effort to ensure customer satisfaction and provide meaningful content that blends well with the spirit of Ramadan. The new “Naqa” is one such package and offers many entertaining shows that benefit the viewer, in addition to 7 popular religious programs, 4 of which premiered in Ramadan 2012.  “Naqa” package arrives to complement the recently introduced “Shashti” package, which offers a variety of seasonal and highly popular TV series and drama. To find out more, customers may visit
It is worth mentioning that STC’s Invision has achieved unprecedented success in revolutionizing the concepts and methods of TV viewership, through offering all encrypted channels and packages in high quality, in addition to more than 150 TV channels. Moreover, Invision customers have the convenience of pausing and replaying any program, and get to watch many of their favorite movies, religious and documentary programs with the video on demand (VOD) feature. And if that was not enough, STC offers the inclusive “Jood” packages that comprise of Invision service, Invision device, and “Shashati – TV series” package free when subscribing during the holy month of Ramadan.