Iraq Telecoms Speaker Interview

Iraq Telecoms 2013 Speaker InterviewJose Salame

Sales Manager Middle East & North Africa Area

Telenor Satellite Broadcasting

Iraq Telecoms: Is your organisation currently operating in Iraq?

JS: Telenor satellite Broadcasting (TSBc) have been doing business in Iraq for the past 8 years through resellers and partners to provide services for private and governmental institutions all over the Iraq market.

Iraq Telecoms: What area in the telecoms sector does Telenor Satellite Broadcasting operate in?

JS: Telenor Satellite Broadcasting is a Satellite operator and VSAT service provider over Europe, ME

and Africa.

In addition to our Satellite services using our Teleports through Norway, UK and Cyprus, we offer hosting and uplink facility to our clients and Service providers interested to use our Teleports

Iraq Telecoms: You are taking part in the session entitled ‘Assessing broadband and new technologies, enhancing capabilities to deliver connectivity’ at the Iraq Telecoms Conference, what are the main ideas that you will be addressing at this session?

JS: I will be focusing on our new upcoming Thor 7 Ka-band satellite as an HTS payload covering Europe and the ME. Thor 7 will be a great success for the region and especially for Iraq as it will bring high bandwidth at very attractive price using small antenna and affordable Hardware at the end user side. With Thor 7 we are mainly targeting the Maritime and Oil & Gas sector, but it can also be a

very interesting Satellite for land based requirements such ISPs and Governmental projects looking

for high and reliable internet service.

Iraq Telecoms: One of the topics that the session will address is the challenges for data traffic and Iraq’s role as a communication hub. From your point of view, what are the opportunities for Iraq to regain its role as a communication hub?

JS: This could be a very challenging subject for the Iraq government in order to regain such role, but surely the most important will be to have a reliable Telecom infrastructure from all perspective, affordable prices for corporate and the residential sector, in addition to the security part all over the country which is essential for every market to grow and attract new investment.

Iraq Telecoms: What is the message that you like to send to the investors in Iraq Telecoms? And what is the message that you like to send to the participants in the 8th Annual Iraq Telecoms 2013?

JS: For Investors I would like to say that Iraq is a great country to invest as there are plenty of opportunities in the Iraqi Telecoms sector, and the government is saving no efforts to attract investors in multiple fields and projects, in order to develop this domain.

In my opinion, a brave future awaits Iraq once it reaches a more stable status hopefully in the near future.

About Iraq Telecoms

The 8th Annual Iraq Telecoms Conference will set the scene for the Iraqi telecommunications industry by addressing the issues that matter in the transformation of the most dynamic sector in Iraq. The industry renowned Conference is supported by key Iraqi Ministries including the Iraqi Ministry of Communications, the Iraqi Parliament, the Kurdistan Ministry of Communications and the Iraq Communications Commission.

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