LG Electronics Takes Home 33 Awards with 77-Inch Ultra HD CURVED OLED TV in the Lead

LG Electronics Takes Home 33 Awards with 77-Inch Ultra HD CURVED OLED TV in the LeadLG Electronics’ reputation for excellence in the field of design has been recognized with 33 Red Dot Award. With more than 4,800 entries this year, LG’s Home Entertainment products, including its innovative 77-inch ULTRA HD CURVED OLED TV, claimed 11 design prizes.

The 77-inch Ultra HD CURVED OLED TV from LG won this title on account of its design and size, as the curved television is considered the largest of its kind in the world. It combines the features of the OLED screen super-slim and infinite contrast ratio alongside the Ultra HD technology with a resolution of more than four times thesize of previous generations. In comparison with the traditional flat screens, it also has the advantage of a concave surface to provide greater coverage to the viewer’s field vision.

The awards were granted LG aftera jury oversaw the competition. The jury consisted of independent, international design specialists, who in turn conducted a number of profound and accurate testson the products in the competition. Winners were selected according to six judging criteria including design, innovation, efficiency and performance, human engineering factors (user-friendliness), in addition to durability, environment compatibility, ease of use and product handling.

Commenting on this award, Tae Hun Ryu, Managing Director of LG Electronics Levant said “This year’s Red Dot results confirm our commitment to design across all products categories.”

He concluded his speech by saying: “We are especially proud of our performance this year, surpassing last year’s 27 awards which included a “Best of the Best” for our Curved OLED TV.”

Other LG products recognized at the 2014 Red Dot Awards include Smart home theater system model BH9440, LED TV model LB8700, Ultra HD TV model LA9700, the loudspeaker system model NB5540, the sound system model LAP340, In addition to the personal Ultra computers model Z940, smart photo printer, the electronic bracelet model HL84 to track physical activity, smart earphones model HAB740, and Tab-Book model 11T540.

The Red Dot Design Award, whose origins date back to 1954,is one of the most important prestigious design competitions in the world.

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