Managed BrandHawk Service Monitors DNS Hacking for Government and Private Sector Organizations – 24x7x365

Managed BrandHawk Service Monitors DNS Hacking for Government and Private Sector Organizations – 24x7x365Most highly-visible organizations are at risk of DNS attacks resulting in potential loss of revenue and reputation
Recently a large UAE based Telecom company’s website was forwarded to web servers in China. It is suspected that this was done by DNS poisoning. The Company’s website was pointed to the Chinese site long enough for its customers to notice and post images on social media. This hack also affected the e-commerce website of the Telco.
Managed, a UAE based company, provides monitoring of the DNS infrastructure for high-visibility companies in the region. Mr. Sameer Hussain, CEO of Managed said, “In this day and age, if a Telco can get hacked – then anyone can. In the case of a hack, it is very important to discover it as soon as possible and take action to reduce the damage. Our globally distributed BrandHawk service monitors, among other aspects, the DNS servers and IP addresses of our clients’ domain names and alerts our 24×7 NOC/SOC in case there are any unauthorized changes or hacking.” He added, “Our NOC/SOC will then take the necessary steps to resolve the issue very quickly – thereby minimizing the damage and maintain the organizations brand reputation”.
The Domain Name System (DNS) is like an address book for every destination on the Internet. It translates the domain from a user-friendly “” into computer-friendly IP address such as Because DNS servers need to be accessed by anyone using the Internet, they are an attractive target for hackers and malicious groups. Highly visible Government and private sector companies can be vulnerable to DNS threats, as attacks on their DNS infrastructure can lead to potential loss of revenue and reputation.
Managed has built its BrandHawk platform to monitor and manage today’s complex, dynamic and diverse online presence of these high-visibility Government or private sector organizations. The BrandHawk service monitors many aspects of a website, including content, uptime, performance loading and DNS servers – as well as online threats, to ensure that the right information is being delivered at the right speed with high availability.

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