Mobily cuts international rates for prepaid subscribers

Saudi operator Mobily announced that its Hala International prepaid subscribers can now make international calls to Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India for SAR 0.55 per minute. The company said outgoing calls to the Philippines through the Mabuhay package will be at the same rate of SAR 0.55, while voice call rates for the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Sudan, Turkey, Oman, Qatar, Al Yaman and Sri Lanka on Hala International have been reduced starting at SAR 0.69 per minute. International calls to Libya, Syria and Jordan were cut to SAR 0.89 per minute. Mobily has also added Australia, Canada, US, Singapore, Malaysia and many other countries to its Hala International package that offers reduced rates. The cost of a call from a Hala International package to all local networks is SAR 0.55 per minute. Subscribers can buy the package fory SAR 30, with an initial credit of SAR 30 valid for 180 days.

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