Mpls Core Service Of Omantel Certified With Iso 27001 Standards

Award Recognises Omantel’s Commitment to Delivering Technological Excellence and Secure Systems To Corporate Customers
Omantel, the Sultanate’s pioneer integrated telecom services provider, achieved the distinguished milestone  of having its Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Core services certified under the internationally renowned ISO 27001 Standards.

The achievement shows the commitment of Omantel and its focus on adopting and implementing global standards and best practices to ensure effectiveness, efficiency, confidentiality and integrity of data transmitted through its MPLS infrastructure. Such a system offers the secure connectivity and reliability that an increasing number of company’s corporate customers are finding essential to help with their business.

MPLS provides an integrated network that can simultaneously handle multiple types of network traffic with systems designed and implemented to protect customer data, and to ensure MPLS service availability, thereby meeting operational objectives and customer commitments.

Omantel’s Integrated Network & Technology Unit embarked on an initiative to successfully obtain the ISO 27001 Information Security Standard Certification for Omantel’s MPLS core service. It was undertaken with a view to enhance the necessary levels of confidentiality of sensitive customer information, continuous availability of MPLS services, timeliness of services delivered and response to problem resolution and management.

As a result of this exercise the company believes that there has already been a significant improvement in Omantel’s credibility, trust, satisfaction and confidence within stakeholders, partners, and customers
Omantel Chief Executive, Dr. Amer Al-Rawas commented, “We are very proud to announce that we have achieved the internationally recognised ISO 27001 Standards on MPLS services.”

“This demonstrates the commitment of Omantel to provide reliable and secure services to our customers. ISO 27001 will be a business advantage for Omantel in strengthening security management in the organization. Having now achieved this with MPLSC we are looking forward to expanding security governance to the entire Omantel service in a phased plan for the future, ensuring secure and quality services to our customer.

Mohammad Amin Zammam Director of Sales and Marketing at TUV said ““We were very impressed with Omantel ISO Certification team. The team was foresight, hard-working, committed and completed the project on time. It gives me great honour to announce that Omantel is the first telecom company in the GCC region to have its MPLS service certified under ISO 27001 standards”.
Omantel worked with consultants Paladion with association with local partner FIREWARE to assist in the certification process ensuring that the recognition for MPLS involved multiple departments with Omantel spread across the whole of the Sultanate.
Corporate customers from the financial services, oil and gas sectors and regulators now insist on ISO/IEC 27001 compliance as a rule since the certification help assure customers, stakeholders, auditors, industry regulators that the service provider is actively minimizing information security risks by demonstrating an organizational commitment to information security.

Achieving the new certification will provide Omantel’s corporate customers with further confidence about the security and integrity of the international quality services the company delivers.

Omantel’s Vice President for Integrated Network and Technology, Mr Samy Al Ghassany explained: “The ISO 27001 certification is a major step forward in demonstrating Omantel’s vision and commitment towards implementing and managing the best security practices. Omantel’s ISO 27001 Certification will provide assurance regarding the management focus on securing critical and sensitive information assets of the organization, to all our stakeholders”.

Al Ghassany  added that, “Omantel has now embarked upon extending this initiative to other key critical services with this project, and we are aiming to perform the information security review of the entire broadband (ISP) infrastructure against internationally recognized standards.”

The landmark initiative was delivered successfully by the Information Security Department at Omantel and was led by Mr. Mohammed Moqeet Ur Rab, with the support of dedicated and committed Omantel staff from various department and business unit who worked to make it happen.

Mohammed Moqeet Ur Rab explained that, “During this project, the core MPLS network were reviewed and all connected elements (whether network configuration, process, Physical & Logical security, HR and environmental) were also reviewed, corrected and verified from the internationally recognized independent ISO 27001 accreditation authority.

Omantel’s Vice President of the Corporate Business Unit, Mr. Todd Dick added: “This is a major milestone for our business and shows our dedication to ensuring world class systems and solutions for our corporate clients from both the public and private sector.”

“It is essential for modern business operations to ensure they have the most secure, safe and efficient systems and our MPLS service is increasingly becoming an integral part of their day to day commercial operations.  Securing ISO 27001 certification will provide our customers with even greater confidence in the tailored solutions that we continue to offer our corporate partners, he added”

Mr. Firosh Ummer, Executive Vice President, GRC services, Paladion Networks said, “With this ISO 27001 certification, Omantel will  be able to fully secure critical information and data carried through the core MPLS infrastructure. We would like to congratulate Omantel for this significant achievement of becoming the first telecom service provider in the Middle-East region to achieve ISO27001 certification for MPLS services.”

Omantel is the leading telecommunications company in Oman and has been bringing individuals, families and businesses together and has successfully connected different parts of the Sultanate to each other and with the rest of the world.

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