Nawras IT team celebrates award of ISO

Nawras awarded ISO certification for information security management system

Nawras, Oman’s customer friendly communications provider, is delighted to announce that it has achieved the ISO IEC 27001:2005 certification for its information security management system.  The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is testament to the care that Nawras places on its back office support systems – fundamental to the delivery of its award-winning frontline customer service – as well as a constant drive to enhance customer service which led to the introduction of the MyNawras self-service portal.

Nawras Information Technology Director, Ali Abdali, outlined the importance of being awarded the ISO by saying, “Achieving ISO recognition for the high standards of IT service achieved by our team is a great honour for all involved.  While we are constantly looking for new ways to improve delivery standards for our customers – both internal and external – this ISO certification is an important benchmark for our efforts to-date.

“ISO/IEC 27001 is the formal set of specifications against which organizations may seek independent certification of their information security management system. The ISO recognises the high performance levels and compliance with best practises that we have achieved and gives our customers further confidence in the integrity and capabilities of their pleasingly different communications provider.”

Abdali explained that receiving the ISO certificate is the result of several years of good practice in management and operation by Nawras. The certification process was relatively short as almost all the compliance requirements and certifications were already in place. The IT team at Nawras has been extending its management information system while applying high quality standards and using best industry practices.

Abdali concluded, “Since customers are our focal point at Nawras, we naturally started the certification process in customer related services. Therefore the first two areas we have certified are ‘MyNawras’ and the ‘Support Services’ service desk.”

MyNawras is an online self-service portal for all Nawras customers whether residential or business using fixed or mobile services.  Customers are able to check their bills and prepaid balance, pay bills and recharge and access the BawaBaty WAP portal for news, sports and entertainment.

The service desk provides a valuable second line of support to both internal and external Nawras family members.  By responding promptly and efficiently to any IT enquiry or problem experienced within the company, the IT team acts as a business enabler to the Nawras family which in turn ensures that customers always receive the caring, excellent and pleasingly different services they are promised.

If a customer calls the Nawras multimedia contact centre with a challenging technical problem, the Customer Champion responding to the call can bring in the expertise of the IT team to help find a solution as quickly as possible.

According to the ISO website, for consumers, conformity of products and services to International Standards provides assurance about their quality, safety and reliability.  Benchmarking against industry best practises in service quality has always been important for Nawras and through regular assessment exercises, customers can be assured that they are always receiving the highest quality service.

Nawras, a Qtel Group company, is committed to enhancing daily life by making telecommunications easier, more versatile and always a rewarding experience.

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