Nawras Extends International Off-Peak Call Times

Nawras Extends International Off-Peak Call TimesNawras is offering customers an extra two hours of international off-peak call time to stay connected with friends and family overseas. Under the new plan, international off-peak timing will now begin at 6pm every evening and continue until 6am the next morning from Saturday to Thursday and all day on Fridays, giving customers more opportunity to enjoy great value from their Nawras service.

Marwa Al Farsi, Nawras Proposition Manager, International Segment – Consumer Marketing, said, “The additional two hours each day allows customers to stay in touch with friends and family for longer and helps to overcome the difficulties of time differences between Oman and other countries around the world. Nawras customers can also enjoy low calling rates to over 200 countries, making it even easier to share special moments with their loved ones.”

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