Nawras rewards 200 dealers and business partners in Sohar

Nawras, Oman’s customer friendly communications provider, and business partner Said Al Shamsi Trading, awarded 200 dealers and business partners from Al Batinah and Sharqia regions for their role in helping Nawras get closer to its customers. In the presence of H.E. Sheikh Saeed bin Ghanim Al Muqbali, Member of Al Shura Council in Al Batinah Governorate, Nawras Chief Executive Officer, Ross Cormack, expressed the company’s appreciation for the dedication dealers and business partners have carried out over the years.

During the reception held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Sohar, Nawras recognised its dealers with awards, gifts and certificates for their fantastic performance in 2011, including a plaque of recognition for Said Al Shamsi Trading (SST) for maintaining excellent business relations.

Ross Cormack said, “This event has conveyed our gratitude to Nawras dealers for all of their efforts in the past year, providing customers with direct and immediate access to our pleasingly different services. Our partners continue to support Nawras’ position as the easily accessible, customer friendly, full service telecom provider we are today.”

He added, “Special thanks also go to Said Al Shamsi Trading for organising and sponsoring the event and we look forward to a future filled with more fruitful and successful partnerships as we get closer to our customers with exciting, new products and services.”

On the occasion, Said Al Shamsi, SST Chairman, said, “It is an honour to be so closely associated with Nawras. Our partnership reiterates our joint commitment to providing convenient access to Nawras products and services across this extensive network of dealers and partners. This event not only recognises great achievements, but also strengthens relations which will encourage new business opportunities to further enhance our capabilities in serving Nawras customers in Oman.”

With over 1000 dealers and business partners nationwide, Nawras was the first in Oman to introduce dealers as part of its extensive distribution network. The dynamic telecom company makes it easy for customers to buy credit and products, pay bills and recharge as well as receive information on the ever growing list of innovative services. As part of its caring commitment to the development of job opportunities, Nawras indirectly creates local employment through its many business partners and with each dealer employing an average of two people, at least 2000 additional jobs have been generated by the company, across the country.

Since launching its service in 2004 Nawras has revolutionised the entire customer experience in the Sultanate by changing what and where customers buy as well as how they get help and how they pay. This is clearly seen when comparison are made between pre-Nawras times and today. Customers can purchase both Nawras Ajel (postpaid) and Nawras Mousbak (prepaid) welcome packs, recharge and enjoy exciting offers and promotions at all Nawras Certified Dealers throughout the country.