New York to investigate AT&T takeover of T-Mobile

The New York Attorney General announced that his office will undertake a thorough review of AT&T’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA. The prosecutor said he will analyze the merger for potential “anti-competitive impacts” on consumers and businesses across New York state. The proposed merger could start a process of consolidation that would lead to two firms, AT&T and Verizon, controlling nearly 80 percent of mobile subscribers nationwide and “dominating” the US wireless business, according to the statement. The Attorney General stressed that some market conditions may differ across the state and highlighted the potential impact of the merger in areas like Rochester, Albany, Buffalo and Syracuse, where there are already fewer wireless options. He is also concerned about the impact on consumers throughout the state, where T-Mobile is considered a low-cost option. The Wall Street Journal reports that other state attorneys are also planning to review the transaction. Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen said the proposed merger “clearly raises concerns”, and Minnesota’s Lori Swanson said she would also review the deal.

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