O3b announces the 85cm AvL Antenna

"O3b Announces the 85cm AvL Antenna, Brings Connectivity in 90 Minutes"

O3b is committed to developing the most advanced technology to bring high throughput, low latency technology where it is needed most—whether it be at an oil rig in South America, or a natural disaster site in Haiti.

In 2013, the company contracted with AvL Technologies to design and produce a 1m class and 2m class transportable antenna that could support crises and contingencies around the world. The transportable O3b Ka-Band terminal will offer the power of O3b’s high throughput, low latency connectivity in a compact and transportable design.

The new system will serve governments, first responders, and markets such as media.  The antenna is designed to be a rapid-deploy, tactical terminal with a geared drive for continuous operations, and operates in tandem pairs with make-before-break communications. It can also operate as a single antenna, with a short break-before-make operation.  To increase efficiency and flexibility, the system is designed to be transported in durable transit case that can be unpacked, set-up and on the air within 90 minutes.

The first prototype 85cm system (AvL Model 870 85cm Motorized FlyAway Antenna) completed Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) in late-June at AvL Technologies in Asheville, NC and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) at SES WMP/O3b Networks SOC/NOC/Warehouse, Bristow, Va., in late-July.

After successfully completing those tests, the system was packed and shipped to USMC MCTSSA Camp Pendleton, Ca., to undergo its test and evaluation with the U.S. Marine Corps.  Testing will continue through September and October as the team fine-tunes the system for production and deployment.