Orange Jordan sponsors ArtForAll Initiative

Orange Jordan sponsors ArtForAll InitiativeOrange Jordan sponsored ArtForAll initiative, which was organized by Peter Claesson from Spain and Zaid Derbi from Jordan. The project aimed at adding beauty to a number of areas in Amman that have historical and cultural importance such as the downtown and the Citadel. The initiative hosted 6 local and international renowned artists to paint murals that convey an important message related to water crisis in Jordan and the world.

Through these murals, the initiative aims at enhancing the concept of visual beauty and creating a space for local and international artists to showcase their talent, which in turn reflects positively on the art movement in Jordan as well as rehabilitating the old parts of the city. The initiative also contributes in enhancing the volunteering culture among those interested in participating in this project which will have a positive impact on tourism.

Orange’s sponsorship of this innovative initiative stems from its continuous support for different art forms, which help spread art culture in the community, in addition to its belief in the positive impact it will have on showcasing Jordan as an attractive touristic destination.

ArtForAll initiative has conducted a series of successful activities and events related to arts in a number of cities around the world in a bid to develop and sustain the culture of each city through introducing unique art work that reflects the history of the city.

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