Orange Jordan unveils new ADSL2+ and 3G+ packages

In line with Orange Jordan’s strategy to make 2011 the “Year of Broadband,” the company unveiled on , Feb.  2011 its new ADSL2+ and 3G+ package, offering unprecedented broadband speeds of up to 20Mbps and 21Mbps respectively.

This major achievement comes to crown to the launch of Orange’s new signature for 2011, “Today Changes with Orange,” which captures the company’s everyday commitment to make the Kingdom’s digital transformation a simple and useful reality for all.

Double-digit broadband speeds means that internet users in the Kingdom will be able to experience new heights in broadband connectivity, making use of bandwidth-intensive services like live streaming of high definition media and large file downloads without delays or limitations.

“Since its inception, Orange Jordan has continually helped the ICT sector overcome communication barriers, whether in terms of technology or applications,” commented Shabib Ammari, the Chairman of Orange Jordan’s Board of Directors.

“Our prime objective has always been to simplify the way people connect and to actively contribute to Jordan’s evolution into a knowledge-based economy, in line with the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II.”

“This key milestone in the histories of both Orange Jordan and the Kingdom’s telecoms sector comes to reaffirm our company’s position as the operator of reference in Jordan,” commented Orange Jordan’s CEO Nayla Khawam.

“The year 2011 is benchmarked as ‘The Year of Broadband,’ during which we expect to see a significance increase in broadband Internet penetration as a direct result of the nationwide evolution in technology and communication awareness. This is precisely why we felt it was the time to bring double-digit broadband speeds to Jordan: to give our citizens the opportunity to enjoy world-class connectivity, which in turn will reinforce the role played by the internet in their daily lives.”

“With the launch of our ADSL2+ and the introduction of our new 3G+ package, we are introducing to our customers an entirely new class of broadband connectivity,” commented Didier Lelievre, Chief Information Technology and Network Officer at Orange Jordan.

“The infrastructure needed to accommodate the robust bandwidth speeds offered by the new packages is already in place and has been tested extensively in close collaboration with the Research & Development Centre of France Telecom.”

The new ADSL2+ and 3G+ package will be made available to consumers in a variety of highly affordable offers, in line with Orange Jordan’s careful market segmentation strategy and continued efforts to boost Internet penetration throughout the Kingdom.

The company’s staunch commitment to this objective culminated in last year’s launch of the Orange Broadband Fund, as part of the company’s CSR strategy for the years 2010-2012. The fund, which is geared primarily toward the residents of the Kingdom’s governorates, will help raise public awareness on the importance of the Internet as an essential learning and productivity tool, in addition to delivering a series of much-needed community awareness workshops on essential PC skills to citizens around the Kingdom.

“The Orange Internet Fund takes a grassroots approach to boosting internet penetration through three primary clusters,” explains Wassila Zaitoune, Orange Jordan’s Chief Commercial Officer for Sales and Customer Services.

“The first cluster comprises of the community awareness workshops, which have already reached to more than 360 citizens nationwide. The second involves furnishing 500 public schools with computer labs and free internet connectivity from Orange, in addition to providing essential training to teachers on integrating the Internet into the learning process. Last but not least are the special offers we are delivering to the residents of the Kingdom’s governorates, a good example of which is the JD 5 monthly fee waiver we are offering to new and upgrading customers.”

So far, the fund has established fully operational computer labs in 14 schools in various governorates around the Kingdom, delivering broadband connectivity and education to more than 12,000 students.

The introduction of ADSL2+ and the new 3G+ package will allow the Jordanian ICT landscape to join the ranks of the world’s leading telecom markets, essentially redefining the role played by the Internet in the lives of Jordanians everywhere. This major achievement also comes to reaffirm Orange Jordan’s role as the propeller of the Kingdom’s ICT development.

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