PBS TV Adopts M-PAiSA as Payment Option

Vodafone’s M-PAiSA service is now on a roll with more business giving it the thumbs up as a convenient payment options for their customers.  Last week the Housing Authority opened up M-PAiSA as another payment mode for its clients.  Now, the PBS pay TV has given the green light for M-PAiSA as a alternative payment mode for its customers to pay their monthly TV subscription.

“There is no doubt that M-PAiSA offers greater convenience and ready access to PBS clients to pay their monthly subscription”, said Mr Simon Fong, Managing Director of PBS.  Mobile phones are an integral part of our everyday life and accessible by over 95% of our population.  The business payment option available through M-PAiSA phone now offers our clients a very convenient and 24 hour access to pay their PBS subscription from anywhere, any time.  This is particularly good for our clients who are living outside the main centers such those in Labasa, Tavueni and other outlying areas who have to make special runs to pay their subscription. The PBS subscription payment via M-PAISA is a free service to PBS customers who will not be charged extra for making this payment via M-PAiSA.”   It is also expected to increase our subscriber base as more people will be able to make their subscription payment from anywhere which has been a real challenge for us”, said Mr Fong.

The Chief Operating Office of Vodafone Fiji, Mr Pradeep Lal said, “There is now a growing interest from business houses to adopt M-PAiSA as convenient payment option from their clients.  M-PAiSA is cutting edge solution. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before businesses realized how compelling a proposition M-PAiSA was as a convenient and readily available payment option. With over 325,000 registered users and a myriad of payment services now available through M-PAiSA, businesses can no longer ignore M-PAiSA as a convenient, secure and cost effective business payment option.

Currently, Vodafone M-PAiSA team is also touring the maritime zones covering Savusavu, Tavueni, Koro Island, Gau and Ovalau to register and educate customers on the M-PAiSA service.  Mobile technology based financial services such as M-PAiSA is increasingly being relied upon to take basic financial services to the previously unbanked communities.

Vodafone’s Manager M-PAiSA Shailendra Prasad said,”This service is very simple to use.  Once registered for the M-PAiSA service, a customer is able to access the M-PAiSA menu on their mobile using *181#.  From the menu they select the “payment” option and follow 3 simple steps to make the payment.  Once payment completed, the customer receives an electronic receipt instantly via SMS confirming the payment. Simultaneously, PBS also receives payment advice which it is able to view in real time through a secure access over the web.

PBS customer Sheerti Prasad who was invited to be part of launch said, “This is amazing.  I had never imagined that a mobile phone would one day be used to make financial payment like this.  This is so simple and makes my life so much easier. Now, I will not miss any of my favorite TV serials due to late payment. I can pay anytime and even from my home when I am sitting down watching TV. Best of all it is a free service.

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