Qtel Group provides reduced rate calls and SMS to Egypt, Japan and Libya

Qtel aims to execute its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives with the same dedication as it pursues commercial activities. To that end, Qtel has empowered employees across its regional footprint to respond quickly to emergencies within their own markets and for neighbouring countries.

In Qatar, Qtel has offered immediate communication support for residents with friends and family in countries hit by natural disasters and social upheaval. This has included providing reduced rate calls and unlimited free SMS to Egypt, Japan and Libya in recent weeks. The offer of unlimited free SMS has proven to be particularly useful, since many residents have struggled to get through due to network disruption in each of these countries, and can now re-send SMS messages more easily and without any charge.

Tunisia has also faced significant challenges due to a massive influx of refugees since the uprising in Libya began. The Ras Jedir camp in Southern Tunisia currently houses more than 17,000 refugees, including Bangladeshi, Nigerian, Somali, Sudanese, Pakistani and Malian refugees trying to reach home.

Tunisiana, part of the Qtel Group, has distributed more than 500 prepaid SIM cards and calling vouchers to refugees to help them communicate with their friends and family. Food, drinks, healthcare items and blankets have also been sent to the refugees. Working with the Tunisian Red Crescent, Tunisiana has also supported buses to bring Tunisian national refugees home during the crisis.

Tunisiana has also equipped the camp site with new equipment to boost the network. The MED-1119 mobile shelter is helping to absorb the traffic at the level of the camp by increasing network capacity.

In Algeria, which also shares a border with Libya, another Qtel Group company, Nedjma, is working with the Algerian Red Crescent to provide immediate communications support for refugees and people affected by the crisis. This consists of telecommunications equipment to support the special centre dedicated to welcoming and assisting refugees close to the border.

Collectively, Qtel continues to review ways that different operations can work together to provide full support for people in need. In particular, it is looking for ways to leverage the size and scale of the Qtel Group operations to support regional and international goals for CSR.

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