Quicknet pro” the best mobile internet in the kingdom with 42.2 mbps speed

In part of the additional add-ons that aim to offer the best services for various customers, and provide them with various choices to use the internet while navigating through different devices, including laptops, handheld devices, smart devices, and mobile phones, STC launched its newest internet mobile package after conducting numerous comprehensive studies on customer internet needs.

One of these unique packages is the unlimited “Quicknet Pro 1” , which is the fastest mobile internet broadband service in the Kingdom with a speed that reaches up to  42MB/Sec. the “Quicknet Pro1” package provides “Quicknet” modem for free , which is the fastest in the Middle East, so customers can enjoy new internet speed that reaches 42 Mbps for downloads and 11 Mbps for uploads, as well as a free postpaid SIM card with unlimited internet usage, and a free WiFi service for more than 1000 sites under the Quicknet service, SR 350/month one year duration with any additional fees.

To provide more option for customers, the “Quicknet Pro 2” package is now available to serve as the best solution for tablet device users. The “Quicknet Pro 2” package is considered the first of its kind that offers special data package for tablet devices like the “Samsung Galaxy Tab”. The package also provides its users a postpaid internet SIM card for free with 5 GB/month package, and a WiFi service for free for more than 1000 sites that serves Quicknet customers. The duration of the subscription is 10 month for SR 200 per month without additional fees, and if the customer completes the subscription he will receive two additional months for free.

By launching these packages, STC confirms its care towards customers and the efforts they put towards their needs, by covering all their demands from calling technologies to continuing developing services, which gives the customer more options without any regulation. STC was the first to launch 3G network in the region when it was released in 2006 and it was the first to upgrade its network to use HSPA + technology, to become the first operator in the region to use that kind of technology with incredible speed, to accommodate the large demands for its internet services so the customer can enjoy a 42 MB internet in all areas that have coverage.

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