Samsung Electronics Levant commemorates World Arabic Language Day

Samsung Electronics Levant commemorates World Arabic Language DaySamsung Electronics Levant, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, announced its new initiative “Baktob Bil Arabi” to enrich Arabic content online by encouraging the local social media community to use the Arabic language in their communication.

Derived from the original Samsung Electronics Levant, “Biqalam Arabi” campaign, this initiative builds on the company’s efforts to inspire its users to embrace their mother language and celebrate it by joining 480 million Arabic speaking people around the world in their communications. While “Biqalam Arabi” campaign was previously launched to highlight the S Pen Arabic text recognition feature on the Note series to enrich Arabic content on social media platforms.

Fadi Abu Shamat, ‎Head of Retail & Corporate Marketing at Samsung Electronics Levant commented by saying: “The initiative launch is synced with the World Arabic language Day, marked on the 18th of December of each year initiated by the UNESCO, engraving Samsung’s interest in supporting the Arabic language for its beauty”.

To mark this occasion, Samsung Electronics Levant is holding an event on Facebook, inviting users to use the Arabic language in their correspondence, and designed special artwork for each letter allowing the users to use it as a profile picture.

It is noteworthy that December 18th was selected by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1973, when the General Assembly approved Arabic as an official UN language.

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