Samsung Large-Sized Commercial Displays Create Distinctive In-Store Experience for Consumers

Samsung Large-Sized Commercial Displays Create Distinctive In-Store Experience for ConsumersSamsung Electronics is transforming the retail experience with its ME, MD and ED Series 65-inch, 75-inch and 95-inch LED super large format displays (LFDs). With a premium design, enhanced picture quality and added versatility, these super large LFDs offer retailers a better way to promote their products and provide customers with an exciting shopping experience. Retailers can make new use of space to design flexible, creative showrooms that will lead to higher footfall and inspire customers.

Samsung’s super large LFDs enable retailers to create real size digital signage for a distinctive in-store experience. Retailers can showcase their products more effectively and use their space more efficiently and creatively by displaying an image with promotional information rather than the actual product. Video walls can also be set up cost effectively by using Samsung’s super large LFDs rather than multiple smaller LFDs.

“In the highly competitive retail industry, there is a growing demand for LFDs as a digital signage solution that can create a unique in-store experience and effectively engage customers,” said [NAME], [TITLE] at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung’s super large LFDs are a superior alternative to traditional displays as they include the latest technology to offer superb picture quality that captures the attention of the customer.”

Super Large Screen Size

The super large-sized, 95-inch LFD provides the largest viewing area with a dimension of 2127.2 mm x 1210.0 mm x 45.8 mm. This enables retailers to deliver a differentiated in-store experience with real size digital signage, which provides a more immersive viewing environment where customers feel like they are looking at actual products.

Enhance Picture Quality

Samsung’s super large LFDs have several innovations that provide brighter, clearer pictures, text and video. The backlight unit (BLU) is situated directly behind or on the edges of the panel providing better picture quality, broader color contrast and added depth to blacks. The ultra-clear panel reduces light scatter and reflection and improves contrast ratio. Because LED LFDs provide the same amount of brightness regardless of surrounding light, viewers can see text, images and videos even in brightly lit rooms.

Premium Design Simplifies Installation

Thinner and lighter than conventional LFDs, Samsung’s super large LFDs can be handled and installed without special tools even in tight places, reducing installation costs. The technology behind both the edge-type ME Series and slim direct-type MD and ED Series reduces the depth of the displays, while the bezel widths on ME, MD and ED Series LED LFDs are narrower to reduce distractions for viewers. They also include a pivotal display that enables both portrait and landscape orientations and movable stands for flexible installation options.

Eliminate the Need for a PC Media Player

The ME and MD Series includes the Samsung Smart Signage Platform which has an embedded media player that eliminates the need for retailers to purchase an external PC. The Samsung Smart Signage Platform also includes MagicInfo® S, Samsung’s embedded content management software which simplifies display management and makes updating them quick and easy.

Added Interactive Information Board Functions

In the retail industry, interactive information boards are used to engage and attract more customers by providing a more immersive shopping experience. Samsung’s super large LFDs can be transformed into interactive information boards by installing an optional touchscreen overlay. Touchscreen installation is designed to be simple, as the user places the overlay over the screen, pushes down the holders and turns a few screws.

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