SES GS and O3b Showcase Live 4K Video Over Satellite to US Government

SES GS and O3b Showcase Live 4K Video Over Satellite to US GovernmentIn a demonstration at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida, SES Government Solutions (GS) streamed real-time 4K video for members of the United States armed forces while simultaneously backhauling and disseminating multiple channels of HD full motion video over O3b Network’s Medium Earth Orbiting (MEO) satellite constellation. The demonstration showed the ability to use high quality video in remote areas without any fiber infrastructure.

According to SES GS, the first distribution partner offering O3b services directly to the government, the technology can be used for backhaul and forward distribution of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) data, as well as enhanced, real-time command and control. O3b provides steerable spot beams that can make communications more difficult to intercept and jam.

The next four of O3b’s high throughput Ka-band satellites are scheduled to launch on Dec. 18 aboard an Arianespace Soyuz rocket, bringing the total constellation up to 12 spacecraft.

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