Osman Sultan calls in headlines for smart conversations at GSMA Mobile 360

Today telcos are poised to work with government and private entities to future-proof connectivity challenges for tomorrow’s Smart City Future

“Being connected is so much more than a basic human need – today it is a basic human right,” said Osman Sultan, Chief Executive Officer, EITC, during his key note address at GSMA Mobile 360 conference, which takes place during GITEX Technology Week each year. Instead of sharing with the audience of delegates what EITC is doing in the digital transformation, Osman Sultan spoke about the conversations happening throughout the industries affected, and our roles in these for the Smart Future. He stated that the most pertinent element of the digital transformation is placing the human factor at the core.

Some of the topics he addressed included the ways that the connected world is shaping the new maps of power and in the digital age. He gave the example of the ways that we are moving from the physical to the virtual space – as telcos we are placing out networks on the cloud; how disruptive digital models such as Uber and Air BnB are moving the needle from centralised to decentralised – by definition blockchain is decentralising almost every asset in the world. Finally, Mr. Sultan touched on the fact that we are moving from unshared certainties to shared uncertainties – and he highlighted the importance of collaboration amongst various government and non-government entities to give rise to new models.