Edurne Pasaban

Spanish Mountaineer to Communicate from World’s Highest Summit with Thuraya Solutions

Spanish mountaineer Edurne Pasaban has once again selected Thuraya as her satellite communications partner for her forthcoming expedition to Mount Everest. During her trek up the world’s highest summit Pasaban will be deploying Thuraya XT and Thuraya IP for weather forecasts, website updates and to stay in touch with family and friends.

Having attempted Everest in 2001, Pasaban will be climbing the peak this year without the use of artificial oxygen. She is renowned for being the first woman to climb all fourteen 8,000 meter high summits across the globe.

Pasaban will be relying on Thuraya XT, the world’s toughest satellite handheld for voice communications and the world’s smallest satellite broadband solution, Thuraya IP for data services. “I have decided to undertake this journey with Thuraya solutions again, as my previous experience last year with them while climbing Annapurna was a great success.  Communications on such a challenging trip cannot be taken for granted. I am ensuring that I use the most reliable solution, which I believe is what Thuraya’s about,” said Pasaban.

In conquering Annapurna, progress and news of her journey was transmitted in real-time to her fans and the media through Thuraya’s data services, available through the Thuraya IP terminal. “The Thuraya IP terminal is the ideal choice for climbing mountains because of its compact size  which makes it so easy to store without taking up space in my gear. The user interface of Thuraya IP is so simple that it makes it very easy to use. What fascinated me the most was the Wi-Fi connectivity between the terminal and my laptop which allowed me to stay in my tent in freezing cold conditions while leaving the terminal outside. It was amazing that in spite of the rugged and icy conditions on the mountain, the terminal continued to work perfectly,” added Pasaban.

She also added that she selected Thuraya XT because she was confident that the Thuraya network upon which all solutions are based is reliable, and that is absolutely essential for emergency situations. “I tested Thuraya XT before embarking on my trip and I found that its lightweight and small size were exactly what I needed. I can move anywhere with the device and know that I can make phone calls easily without being disconnected, and even if the antenna is stowed people can still reach me. I am certain that if I drop the phone, or if it gets buried with snow it will still work, which is essential to my safety,” she went on to say.

Thuraya’s Vice President Corporate and Marketing Communications, Mr. Ebrahim K. Ebrahim said, “We are pleased to sponsor Ms. Edurne Pasaban on another of her challenging journeys. We look forward to following the success of her trip using Thuraya IP, which enables her to update her website regularly. Both our XT handheld and Thuraya IP are supported by a robust network that ensures consumers from all remote areas, including Mount Everest, are provided with the highest quality satellite communication services to keep them in touch.”

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