Spectrami offers cash rewards for channel partners in the Middle East region

Spectrami in association with Actifio offers cash rewards for lead generation to the channel partners spread across the region

Spectrami, the leading value added distributor in the MENA region in association with Actifio, the pioneers in next-generation storage system announced cash rewards to generate qualified leads for channel partners spread across the selected countries in the Middle East region including, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE among others.

Today enterprises in the region are facing a huge challenge to manage their growth of data and storage solutions from Actifio provide them with an effective solution which can radically simplify data protection and associated functions and reduce storage-related costs by up to 90%. Keeping the requirements of enterprises in mind, Spectrami has devised a lead generation program in the simplest of the formats, which aims to support the efforts of channel partners with cash rewards.

The program has been categorized into two segments of lead generation – Qualified Sales Lead and Qualified Pre-Sales Lead. Any channel partner, who is able to generate a Qualified Sales Lead, stands to gain US$ 100 of cash reward for every single lead, while Qualified Pre-Sales Lead will enrich the partner by US$ 50 of cash reward for every single lead.

The criteria for qualified lead are also extremely simple with just four parameters to qualify for the cash rewards and which is:

1. The requirement of a storage solution from Actifio by End-User within 3 months.

2. Budget Allocation for the purchase of the solution within current financial year.

3. Proof of Concept (PoC) to be arranged within 4-6 weeks of the sharing of the lead.

4. Meeting with End-User to be arranged by respective channel partner with the storage team from


This lead generation program is valid till 25th September 2012 and channel partners are required to first register with Spectrami to avail cash rewards.

Anand Choudha, Managing Director, Spectrami, said, “We are excited about our lead generation program as cash rewards will compensate the efforts of channel partners in the initial stage. On other hand, the next generation storage solutions from Actifio are need of the hour for enterprises in the region as it can resolve the issue of data management, and opens up huge opportunities for our channel partners that further enhance the potential of their businesses.”