STC’s presence outstanding and innovative in “Abha Summer”

STC was heavily present at the “Abha Summer” program. The program was family oriented and included many activities and sports that were thoroughly entertaining and left visitors with a cheerful impression. STC’s participation was mainly focused on family and community, and targeted the children who were the main focus of the event.

STC has also honored Sheikh Dr.Abdulaziz Al Fuzan, who participated in “Abha Summer.” Dr. Al Fuzan delivered a lecture which witnessed a huge audience. He has also praised STC’s presence and stressed on the important of their role in supporting these social events. “STC has Good Hands and its support is blessed,” he said. STC offered many prizes to visitors and participants in the various daily activities throughout “Abha Summer.” Programs organized by STC included “Our Summer in Our Country Is More Beautiful,” “Teen Camp Tent,” and “Nashama Tent,” which included many contests and prizes that were distributed to participants and visitors alike.

STC has also sponsored the Children Marathon in which children competed for a spot on the top 10 list whose winners received a valuable gift provided by STC. In addition, STC hosted the “Abha Tourist Advocacy Tent” and also an art exhibition in the “Painting & Value Tent” where every day carried a social theme concentrated around Homeland love and community rituals. The event was aimed at bringing out the best in young adults as well as helping them explore their talents. The top six paintings received an award, and winners were selected daily.

The initiatives saw a huge success through enriching the “Abha Summer” and left many visitors and participants with a great impression. It is worth mentioning that STC’s participation in this program is part of a series of sponsorships to “Summer Camps” all across the kingdom, and comes as part of its efforts to be an exemplary corporation which commits to its social responsibility and aims to be a catalyst to success and development in our society.