STC launches (1000 Volunteer) campaign in alignment with the Kingdom`s Vision 2030

Simultaneously with the International Volunteer Day, STC Launched a 1000 Volunteer campaign, that aims to enhance the positive interaction between employees and their society in line with the Kingdom`s vision 2030 that aims to reach a million volunteer.


Corporate Communication GM in STC, Abdullah Alfahad, stated: “The expertise, knowledge and skills of STC’s employees in various fields enable them to innovate and add value in many areas of volunteering including charily”. He added: “we are quite confident that “1000 volunteers” will be a new start for our employees to continue their positive role in the Kingdom’s society and promote values of giving as well as to contribute effectively to achieving one of the objectives of the Kingdom’s vision 2030 to reach a million volunteer”.

The campaign comes within STC Social responsibility initiatives that aim to create partnership with the society and increase its chances of growth and development through sustainable development projects.