STC customers stay in touch with twitter through their mobile

STC was successful in enabling its customers to keep in touch with the popular social network moment by moment through twitter’s great messaging service, which is a service that STC launched to its customers as a part of its interest towards social communication that aims to keeps the customer in a continuous contact with site.

Customers are able, through the service, to receive the latest comments from subscribers and answering them, as well as updating his account moment by moment through SMS. The service will also enable customers to follow the latest news of friends, famous personalities, news channels who are subscribed in “twitter”.

The twitter messaging service is distinguished by its flexibility in regards of subscribing and using, where the customer is able to subscribe to the service through his own twitter page at, click “setting” then move to “mobile”, proceeded by entering the phone number and the country, then send “GO” to 840404. After subscribing successfully, the customer will receive a welcoming message that allows him to start exchanging messages and notifications through twitter.

The service is also free in regards subscribing, and receiving messages and notifications from the site regardless of the number of messages and incoming notifications. In the event of sending messaged to the site, the cost of regular message will be deducted on every message sent from the customer’s phone.

STC was the first launch the multi SIM cards service with high and technically stable performance. In addition, STC offers numerous packages of quality and unique services and products that are expected from the numbers one operator in the Kingdom and the largest in the region. STC always seeks to fulfill the demands of its customers in methods that make them parallel with other telecommunication companies in advanced countries

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