STC discuses aspects of cooperation with Qtel Qatar

In the framework of efforts to improve relationships and cooperation between the telecommunication operators in the region, Mr. Khalid Al Mahmoud, Group Chief Officer – Small And Medium Business at QTel Group, visited along with a delegation from QTel group STC Headquarters at King Abdul-aziz Complex in Riyadh. The meeting was held in the presence of Dr. Khaled bin Abdul-aziz Al Ghoneim, CEO of STC Group, and Dr. Saad bin Dhafer Al Qahtani, Group Chief of STC’s Strategic Operations.

The delegates from Qatar visited King Khaled Network Control Center and Information Center during which they listened to a brief speech about the comprehensive capacity development of telecommunications and broadband services at the centre. They were also informed about the integrated ability of the centre to overcome emergency technical problems or accident situations by undertaking manoeuvers electronically, without any harmful effect on telecommunications users. The delegates listened to a detailed explanation about the solutions provided by STC for both public and private sectors.

Expressing satisfaction with the visit, Al Mahmud said he was impressed with STC’s unique competencies and abilities. He said STC has distinguished itself as a leading provider of telecommunications and information technology solutions in the region. He also pointed to the capabilities of Saudi Telecom which has raised its profile as an international operator providing the best quality of services to a large segment of customers across a number of countries.