STC facilitates donations to more than 1000 charities in the kingdom

STC’s Qitaf, the kingdom’s first of its kind loyalty program, has revolutionized the concept of charitable work through a partnership with the Global Goodness program, sponsored by the Ministry of Social Affairs. The partnership aims to support social work and humanitarian aid through programs, investments and charitable activities provided by organizations.

STC facilitated the donation process for its Qitaf customers by giving them the opportunity to gift their points to people in need according to a systematic guideline. The program comes in line with the company’s vision and commitment towards its social responsibility and public service.

Qitaf customers will be able to donate their points through the Global Goodness program which works with more than 1000 charitable organizations across the kingdom. Customers wishing to donate may send an SMS message containing “9999” to #902, and will promptly receive a message providing detailed information about the Global Goodness program and a guideline describing how to donate the point.

The campaign, overseen by the Ministry of Social Affairs, connects Qitaf customers from different segments of society to the various social work and charitable organizations in the kingdom. The campaign encourages social communication through providing an interactive platform on which STC’s customers can connect and participate in sowing social prosperity.