STC introduces free sms for voice calls minutes

n its endeavor to provide the best services and offers that answers needs of different customers’ categories, STC launched a new offer that includes free SMS for every voice call minute for both LANA and SAWA customers, who will have two free SMS for every call minute (within STC’s network) and will expire at midnight of the same day.

For example, for every 100 call minutes within the network, the customer will get 200 free SMS also within the network, which will expire by midnight of the same day the calls were made. This offer enables STC customers to keep in touch with their families and friends within STC’s network.

The company said that the new service supports STC’s customer-centric strategy and will be available for one month starting Wednesday 9 March 2011 knowing that the offer is exclusive for STC prepaid customers (SAWA and LANA).

STC always strive to introduce the best services with the best rates and prices with the most developed network in the Kingdom that allows the company to answer its customers’ needs and continuously provide them with unique and innovative offers.

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