STC offers a free subscription to “Shashti package” to Invision customers

STC introduced a new offer for people interested in subscribing to its popular “Shashti – series” package. The package, which is aimed at movie-lovers, is part of Invision’s services and is offered to clients free of charge for one month. The offer reflects STC’s commitment to provide its clients with the latest movies and TV series from all over the world while adhering to the highest standards of quality of service. This offer also comes in conjunction with the Holy Month of Ramadan, and comes after the widely-proclaimed Invision service gained massive popularity among STC’s clients through many exclusive shows that the service offered.

STC has also pointed out that the deal is available to current Invision users and new subscribers, which gives them the opportunity to enjoy the service free of time constraints and offers them the latest seasonal shows in line with the Holy Month of Ramadan.

It is worth mentioning that “Shashti  package” includes an integrated library of the latest popular productions from Hollywood, movies and TV series from Middle Eastern Cinema, in high quality and content, without being restricted to the time of its broadcast, through using the time and viewing management feature in the Invision service. All Invision customers can request the service by using the Invision device and new customers can subscribe to the service by calling 907 or visiting my services at