STC offers customers exclusive “Charge Sawa Line From Post Paid Numbers”

STC has announced that it is offering an exclusive charge prepaid (SAWA,LANA) lines service through post paid numbers that enables customers to charge their account from post paid lines to prepaid lines (SAWA, LANA) or post paid lines (*8), by which the amount that was charged will be deducted from customers bills.

The service is available exclusively for STC customers and is free without monthly payments. It is also available for international roaming without any additional fees. The service is easy use and does not require customers to go out of their way to buy charge cards since they are able to recharge their cards at any time.

This unique service gives the customer all the basic charge features through prepaid lines and the fee is added to the account that has been charged, with an increase in duration of the validity of the post paid SIM cards, plus Qitaf points for every cost. The total amount that can be charged is SR 200 in one billing session at the rate of no more than SR 50 per day (50,20,10 bills). Disconnected phone lines and over the credit limit lines are eligible to use the service.

To activate the service customers should send 144 to 902 and will receive a return message with the features of the service and the procedures of how to subscribe and charge. All messages sent to 902 are free and without any fees, even if the customer is outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The service aims to make life easier for customers by allowing them to use their mobile phones to charge SAWA numbers for those they are in contact with and to continue contacting them without visiting STC selling points.

This user-friendly service is one of the many that STC offers its customers in line with the company’s strategy to continuously develop new services to meet the evolving needs of modern lifestyles by providing an integrated range of products and services utilizing the latest telecommunications technologies.

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